Summer 2013 


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ECON-0201-01      Principles of Economics        LEC   BRIM  0303     MTWTHF  08:10AM 06/04/13 Week              3.00

    0035548           Mr. George L. Edwards                                                         09:10AM 08/01/13


ECON-0202-01      Principles of Economics        LEC   BRIM  0303     MTWTHF  09:20AM 06/04/13 Week              3.00

    0034033           Mr. George L. Edwards                                                         10:20AM 08/01/13


ECON-0300-01      Intro to Statistical Analysis     LEC   BRIM  0204     MTWTHF  10:30AM 06/04/13 Week              3.00

    0034034           Dr. Leo T. Upchurch                                                               11:30AM 08/01/13

                            (P) Take MATH-0107(MATH_0107);

                            Minimum grade C;


ECON-0301-01      Applied Economic Statistics  LEC   BRIM  0204     MTWTHF  08:10AM 06/04/13 Week              3.00

    0034035           Dr. Leo T. Upchurch                                                              09:10AM 08/01/13

                            (P) Take ECON-0300;

                            Minimum grade C;