Masters of Public Health

Fall 2013

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MSPH-0600-01          Envirn Health Sciences                                                                           3.00

    0035202           Dr. John Heath

                      Dr. Lloyd A. Webb


MSPH-0605-01          Intro Hlth Adm, Pol & Law                                                                        3.00



MSPH-0610-01          Psychosoc Deter of Health                                                                        3.00

    0035204           Dr. John Heath

                      Dr. Lloyd A. Webb


MSPH-0614-01          Prin of Epidemiology           LEC   ROSE  0309     T       09:00AM 08/21/13 Week                3.00

    0035205           Dr. Lloyd A. Webb                                           10:00AM 12/10/13

                      Dr. Asseged B. Dibaba          LAB   ROSE  0309     T       01:00PM 08/21/13 Week

                                                                                  03:00PM 12/10/13


MSPH-0615-01          Hlth Disparities/Inequities                                                                      3.00

    0035206           Dr. Lloyd A. Webb

                      Dr. Cheryl G. Davis


MSPH-0620-01          Epidem of Infectious Diseases                                                                    3.00

    0035207           Toufic Nashar

                      Dr. Lloyd A. Webb


MSPH-0625-01          Multivariate Methods                                                                             3.00



MSPH-0700-01          Proposal Writ and Grant Mgmt                                                                     2.00