Graduate Admission Application Information

Graduate Admission Information - TU GSR (Rev. 12-12-2013)


Please complete the application (5 pages) format of your choice below and submit it along with required documentation. Please note that no action is taken until all required documents are on file. The application fee to graduate programs is US$35.00 (non-refundable).  Please mail check/money order made to Tuskegee University with other required documents to address in the first page of the application.


Required documentation: Online Application, Official Transcripts, Application Fee, Personal Statement, Recommendation Letters, Resume or Curriculum, *ETS/WES Scores, *Bank Statement, *Affidavit of support GRE Scores, *TOEFL (Please check GSR FORMS). 

A TOEFL score of at least 500 on the paper-based test, its equivalent on Internet-based test (61) and/or on computer-based test (173). At least 540 [old] or 156 [new] GRE (See equivalence table) score is required [code is 1813] less than 5 years old.

*These items are required for non-US citizens/residents, and a copy is accepted temporarily, but originals are required before admission.

Please apply to Graduate Studies using one of the following options (Click link heading to download):

1) Download a non-fillable pdf file of the application. If you choose this option, you can complete the application and return it to the address below along with other required documents plus fee.


2) Download a fillable pdf file of the application. If you choose this option, you can complete the application with Adobe Reader (free from ) and submit it electronically (Instructions) along with other required document plus fee.  If you do not use an Email Client (e.g., Apple Mail, Outlook, Eudora, Thunderbird, etc.) send the complete application as an enclosure (attachment).

3) You can submit the pdf application form completed alone by clicking the SUBMIT button in page 5 (this option requires an Email Client, not just a web-browser base email system).  You should save the completed form to your HD and keep a copy for your records. You can then submit a PAPER copy of the application again if you wish; plus other required documentation and the non-refundable fee.  Alternatively, you can send required documents as attachments to an email.  Finally, remember that in Windows older versions of Adobe Acrobat (not Reader) may become default, and not allow pdf documents created with newer versions to open when double clicked.  To overcome this, drag the pdf onto the Reader icon forcing the pdf to open with Reader instead of Acrobat. 

4) While copies of required documents are accepted temporarily, originals are required before admission.  If after submitting the completed application to GSR you do not receive an acknowledgement, please email the GSR office ( or check the page for additional information (

Online Graduate Program Admission

Please click here to apply to Distance Learning Graduate Studies