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The Board of Trustees elevated the departments of architecture and construction science from the College of Engineering, Architecture and Physical Sciences (CEAPS) to the Robert R. Taylor School of Architecture and Construction Science (TSACS) in 2010. Located in the Willcox A, C and partially in E buildings, the school is founded on a belief in the power of architecture and construction science to uplift the human condition and give form to society‘s highest aspirations. Students are prepared to become citizen architects and builders - community leaders who provide a vision of a better-built environment. 

Our mission is to develop skilled professionals who are capable of playing active roles in shaping communities through the building of meaningful places for all people.  As such, our intent is to keep working to help our current and future students to have a competitive advantage that will both distinguish themselves from students at peer institutions and advance their career goals.  We also envision a new identity in the minds of alumni and stakeholders to help carry out our mission and the academic rigor to nurture a generation of highly competitive designers and builders.



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